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Instagram influencer and baker Chelsweet spoke with Spoon University about cake, diamonds and finding her happily ever after, “Steven got me a diamond ring, so the least I could do is bake him a cake.” Find out how the savvy star turned her diamond engagement ring and love story into a cake, giving new meaning to the phrase “sweet treat”. Watch the video now!
Everyone knows that a diamond is the ultimate way to mark an engagement—but there are actually specific reasons why this precious gemstone is the ideal symbol of love—of what is most precious and meaningful in our lives. In the midst of a very important wedding season, we spoke with fine jewelry expert Tanya Dukes about the key characteristics that explain why diamonds have been chosen to mark engagements since 1477 when Archduke Ferdinand proposed to Mary of Burgundy with the first recorded diamond engagement ring.
Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring Has Inspired Any Number of Triple Stone Styles   When the engagement ring Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle was revealed to the public, it instantly put three-stone diamond styles at the top of many wish lists and at the forefront of bridal jewelry. More on that in a moment, first let’s...