Meet One of NYC’s Top Diamond Jewelry Designers

Meet One of NYC’s Top Diamond Jewelry Designers

Elaine is wearing a Gillian Conroy diamond engagement ring

Gillian Conroy’s résumé includes stints as a graphic designer and fashion editor, but it’s jewelry design that won her over for good. Her eponymous jewelry collection—crafted entirely in her New York City studio—is a favorite choice for couples craving a chance to personalize their engagement and wedding rings. She is more than happy to oblige.

The first step in creating a ring comes down to the choice of diamond. “Once that decision is made everything else falls into place,” says Conroy. To help clients make a choice she explores the many ways to incorporate diamonds into a ring’s design. The options are unlimited and adaptable to any style or budget. “We can make a beautiful cluster ring with a grouping of small diamonds or focus on a whopping, beautiful three-carat stone.”

And Conroy knows that the allure of diamonds can’t be expressed with dry facts and figures. It’s getting an up-close view of the stones she calls “sparkling fragments from the earth” that reveals their magic. That’s why she shows lots of options to couples searching for their special diamond. Often, they’ll fall in love with one at first sight.

Diamonds in all their variety excite Conroy and she believes they’re a logical choice for couples in a matrimonial mood. “They have a fire and brilliance that catches light in a way colored stones don’t,” she explains. Their durability is a big plus, too. “Diamonds are strong enough to be worn every day and so timeless that you’ll never tire of them.”

Though she’s made thousands of wedding and engagement rings in her career, she remains inspired by the diversity of diamonds. Her designs feature white diamonds but also natural color diamonds; yellow, gray and pink are a part of her palette. So are stones in nontraditional shapes. Fancy shape diamonds, including pears, ovals, cushions and marquises, are favorites of Conroy’s. Couples looking for unconventional wedding jewelry are following her lead. “People have become more open to wearing unusual settings and mismatched stones,” she says. “I love to make custom designs when someone wants a one-of-a-kind ring.”

Above all, the most important quality in a Gillian Conroy ring is the commitment it represents. “There’s a lot of emotion attached to diamonds,” she says. “My clients want a ring with a spe-cial stone that feels rare and one-of-a kind to symbolize the love of their partner.”