Whether you’re shopping for a partner, family member, friend, or yourself this February 14th, give the people you love the most a gift of love: Diamonds. Precious, unique, natural, and one-of-a-kind, diamonds are a symbol of authenticity and everlasting commitment, and what’s a more fitting token of endearment than that? 
We talked to a few POPSUGAR staffers and friends about why it's a year for diamonds on Valentine's Day and what a rare and special gift a diamond would be.
From Breakfast at Tiffany's to India Jones and Legally Blonde, watch some of the most iconic diamond movie moments ever.
In a city of big-name jewelry brands and dazzling shrines to bling, it was important for sisters Jennifer and Christina Gandia when they took over the family jewelry business more than a decade ago to offer an intimate, personal experience to explore special bespoke designs.   Started by their parents Carl and Milly Gandia in...
Diamonds have been a subject of fascination since long before they caught on in the West.     There’s a legend that shows up in a few different places, about a renowned explorer — the real Alexander the Great in some books, the fictional Sinbad the Sailor in others — who is faced with the...
For starters—the diamond in your engagement ring is between 1-3 billion years old (that's older than the dinosaurs).
A vintage style that is making a comeback on the fingers of modern brides, rose cut diamonds rose again to popularity when Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer Aniston with one in 2012—sparking immediate interest in the public. Rose cut diamond facet patterns differentiate them from the sparkling round, princess, and oval brilliant cut diamonds that are popular today, but that's only one of the reasons a rose cut is special. This magnificent cut, which produces a luster rather than a sparkle when light hits it, is certainly here to stay. Here, everything you need to know about buying a rose cut diamond.
Diamonds are the world's hardest natural substance (seriously!), making them very durable for everyday wear. Here are 7 reasons why your diamonds aren't just for fancy occasions.
A good fifteen years ago, I was invited to a black-tie event as a guest of Ralph Lauren fragrances. As is often the case, they loaned me a Lauren gown and earrings to help me dress the part. The gown, I had to return, but I got to keep the earrings—large cubic zirconia studs that,...
"When I design an engagement ring or a push present or a pendant or diamonds studs, I get to be a part of the best day of someone’s life."