The size of a tennis ball, the world’s largest gem quality rough diamond found in a century, was purchased by Graff Diamonds for $53 million. After more than a year of negotiations and a handshake to close the deal, legendary diamantaire Laurence Graff paid nearly $48,000 a carat for the exquisite 1,109-carat diamond rough.  ...
“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in diamond school, it’s that no two diamonds being exactly alike is absolutely true.” Read more from The Coveteur on a guide to diamonds: what to look for, what to ask, and what makes them incredibly special  
If you’re a millennial, you know that we get a pretty questionable rap sometimes. The headlines claim we don’t work as hard as previous generations, spend too much money on avocado toast instead of houses in the ‘burbs, and aren’t getting married and having kids the way our parents did among other critiques. But if you tap beneath the surface, it’s evident that we are actually more discerning than previous generations in many ways.
Owner of Peridot Fine Jewelry, Dawn Hendricks, speaks to top diamond trends and how to market to today’s bride. “The setting you choose is everything and there are ways to design a beautiful ring with natural diamonds that hold their value for years and years.”   Read Hendrick’s full interview with Accessories Magazine
  There are many styles and cuts of diamonds out there. While rose cuts are a popular trend today, especially among consumers looking for something a little different, they have been a classic since the 1500s.   Gem Hunt lays out all the details about rose cut diamonds and their unique sparkle in her blog. 
On your special day, your diamond engagement ring isn't the only piece of jewelry that shines. When you add a wedding band to your finger, you want to make sure it is just as brilliant and special.
There are many sensible reasons why wedding day insurance makes sense, says expert Greg Schaefer—particularly for precious valuables such as rings and other diamond jewelry. Authenticity always matters.
There is increasing confusion about synthetic or laboratory-grown diamonds; in this piece, learn more about the significant differences between a diamond and a synthetic.
It was serendipity that Erika Winters began her journey as a jewelry designer with the gift of her diamond engagement ring. The actress/dancer says aside from a strand of pearls she received when she was 16, she hadn’t given much thought to fine jewelry in her life at the time. But it was the 1-carat...
These unique and one-of-a-kind diamond engagement styles “embrace the rough, natural texture of stones, instead of polishing them down to a smooth surface.” Read more from House Beautiful’s ‘Raw Diamonds Are the Next Big Trend for Engagement Rings’