"When I design an engagement ring or a push present or a pendant or diamonds studs, I get to be a part of the best day of someone’s life."
Shopping for a diamond engagement ring can be a romantic and exciting adventure, but how do you choose your perfect symbol of everlasting love from the thousands of styles available?
This piece originally appeared on The New York Times: “Clarifying What Makes a Diamond” on Dec. 7, 2017.   To the Editor: Re “Atelier Swarovski Turns to Man-Made Gems” (A Cut Above, Jewelry, Nov. 22): Diamonds have fascinated generations with their natural origin, beauty, durability and value: finite, billion-year old gemstones. More than just chemicals, diamonds involve...
Though his family has worked with diamonds for generations, David Wiener has never lost his childhood fascination with these gems. Today, he’s the President and Head Designer for Harry Kotlar, the Los Angeles-based jewelry brand his grandfather founded in 1948. He’s amazed by the artistry that maximizes a diamond’s natural beauty, and top quality diamond...
No one can argue with Greg Kwiat’s superior diamond credentials. He’s CEO of Kwiat, a family-owned jewelry brand that celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. The company creates major one-off pieces that appear on Hollywood red carpets and down-to-earth designs like mini stackable rings. But as far as Kwiat’s concerned, there’s no single piece of jewelry that’s more versatile than a diamond stud earring. "They’re such a classic and flattering style,” he says.
When it comes to jewelry, who doesn’t love a surprise? Designer Mimi So got one when she learned that a diamond wedding band from her namesake collection would appear in the latest Real is Rare campaign. When none of the countless options available at the shoot was an exact fit for the actress (or, rather, her ultra petite fingers), a member of the ‘Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond’ team offered to lend her personal Mimi So-designed wedding ring for the occasion. It was the perfect fit. A Cinderella moment was made.
Diamonds were formed 1-4 billion years ago, making them almost as old as the earth itself. They developed about 100 miles underground and were brought to the earth’s surface through underground volcanic eruptions. Today, diamonds are found underground, as well as in seabeds, and some rivers.
“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in diamond school, it’s that no two diamonds being exactly alike is absolutely true.” Read more from The Coveteur on a guide to diamonds: what to look for, what to ask, and what makes them incredibly special  
If you’re a millennial, you know that we get a pretty questionable rap sometimes. The headlines claim we don’t work as hard as previous generations, spend too much money on avocado toast instead of houses in the ‘burbs, and aren’t getting married and having kids the way our parents did among other critiques. But if you tap beneath the surface, it’s evident that we are actually more discerning than previous generations in many ways.
Owner of Peridot Fine Jewelry, Dawn Hendricks, speaks to top diamond trends and how to market to today’s bride. “The setting you choose is everything and there are ways to design a beautiful ring with natural diamonds that hold their value for years and years.”   Read Hendrick’s full interview with Accessories Magazine