Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond

"Diamonds are inspiring for many reasons. They come in all shapes and sizes, they all have their unique characteristics about them."
Instagram influencer and baker Chelsweet spoke with Spoon University about cake, diamonds and finding her happily ever after, “Steven got me a diamond ring, so the least I could do is bake him a cake.” Find out how the savvy star turned her diamond engagement ring and love story into a cake, giving new meaning to the phrase “sweet treat”. Watch the video now!
"Diamonds are the ultimate gift of love," says FOX's daytime hit The Real. "Whether you're buying diamonds for yourself or someone you love, they make a unique and precious gift that will be cherished and are perfect for passing down for generations to come." Watch diamond expert Grant Mobley dish on diamonds on the show and explain why—based on their history and significance—there were bound to be a whole lot of them at the Royal Wedding.
Everyone knows that a diamond is the ultimate way to mark an engagement—but there are actually specific reasons why this precious gemstone is the ideal symbol of love—of what is most precious and meaningful in our lives. In the midst of a very important wedding season, we spoke with fine jewelry expert Tanya Dukes about the key characteristics that explain why diamonds have been chosen to mark engagements since 1477 when Archduke Ferdinand proposed to Mary of Burgundy with the first recorded diamond engagement ring.
“Great jewelry knows no gender. While people might be culturally predisposed to understand the power of jewelry on the female form, the right combination of gem and gentleman can be just as powerful. If a man is confident enough, or has positioned himself as boundary-pushing enough in his fashion sense, then wearing a diamond rivière over the...
“Melissa Kaye talks about problem solving, her greatest mentor, and how to get creative,” says Robb Report. Read the full article on Robb Report: Career Changer: Advice from a Mathematician Turned Jewelry Designer
April is officially the month of the diamond! No, we didn’t just make that up — it’s the actual birthstone of April, representing love, fidelity, courage, and invincibility. Cheers to all you April babies (and to those who just love diamonds!).
From mine to market, women play an integral role in the journey of a diamond. This article is part of a series around International Women’s Day that profiles women working in each stage of a diamond’s journey and the impact it has on their lives.   Karen Rosengart is the CEO and founder of K....
“What is real, what is authentic, what is fact.” —Greta Gerwig at the 2018 Oscars. Facts don’t lie: The biggest stars on the planet chose diamonds for Hollywood’s biggest night. Scroll through to see just a few of the diamond moments on the red carpet.
We hope you’ve seen our new Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond “Making of a Gem” videos, which launched during the live on-air and digital broadcast of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Watch the new videos and learn more about the unique diamond jewelry worn in each below: Ice Skating On her:  Hearts...